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Luciana Carina Joly  Dr. Joly  is a pianist teaching piano lessons in Zurich Zürich. She is a specialist in music physiology musikphysiologie and gives workshops on body posture analysis. She also teaches music theory private, plays chamber music, accompanying, new music, music lessons. She can help musicians and pianists with hand injuries and hand pain. Music Piano lessons in English, Aulas Classes de música piano em Português e Español, Klavierunterricht


It is a great pleasure for me to acknowledge here the teaching talents of Carina Joly. Being a total beginner with no talent whatsoever and soon reaching retirement age one can imagine what a special challenge it has been for Carina to take me through first the basics of music and then the various steps of mastering fingers, keys and notes all at the same time. Carina's patience has been extraordinary, encouraging me to keep on trying again and again without her loosing her nerves nor her smile and me loosing self-confidence. Carina's teaching skills miraculously unfolded my mental and physical blockages. She offered plenty of little tricks to relax fingers, arms, and/or body while playing. She observed carefully and adapted her teaching method very cleverly to my rusty brain. She also paid very much attention to keeping a fair amount of fun out of the tough learning process. Those who went through the experience of learning piano in advanced age will appreciate the achievement. Without Carina's support, advice and perseverance I do not think I would have managed.  My warmest thanks to Carina!

Catherine T. (France/Switzerland)

“As an adult returning to the piano after a long break, I made some mistakes in my early studies that resulted in too much tension and pain in my right hand. The teachers I worked with before finding Carina, could not help me with this. Finding Carina really made a difference for me. She has improved my technique tremendously, and I now play pain free, and am able to tackle music that was previously out of reach. Her lessons are challenging and enjoyable, and she works hard to help you achieve your goals! Thanks, Carina!”

Doris H. (USA/Switzerland)

During a first trial lesson, with her very open and friendly personality, Carina immediately had encouraged me to restart playing the piano again after lots of years of pause. With her help I regained my skills of an advanced piano player. Carina can teach on a very high level and supports me to still improve my technical skills. My hand movements started to become smoother and I gain a better posture. Besides that, she helps me to a better understanding and interpretation of the pieces in the context of the periods when they were written. Her patience and insistence keeps me going. Carina's manner has the right mixture of a meticulous teacher and supporting friend to improve my skills. Overall it is a great pleasure to work with her.”

Sig K. (Germany/Switzerland)


“Carina has been the teacher to my daughters for about one year, when we lived in Zurich. We all miss her much, because Carina is a highly professional and passionate teacher, as well as a very kind person.

In one sentence I would say that her lessons are "how to enjoy playing piano and become a better person performing music".

Hers are not simply piano lessons.

Her method is such that my children had made terrific improvements in playing piano in just few months of her tutoring; she would let them realize where the difficulty was, if any, and would teach how to come out of it. She would guide them through the music, let them notice the intensity of the piece and explain how to perform at best. She would also teach them how to perform in front of a crowd of people, giving tips on posture and breathing.

I highly recommend Carina to anyone, children and adults. When possible, don't look at the price per hour, having Carina as a tutor is worth every cents.”

Linda M. (Italy/U.S.A.)