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Luciana Carina Joly  Dr. Joly  is a pianist teaching piano lessons in Zurich Zürich. She is a specialist in music physiology musikphysiologie and gives workshops on body posture analysis. She also teaches music theory private, plays chamber music, accompanying, new music, music lessons. She can help musicians and pianists with hand injuries and hand pain. Music Piano lessons in English, Aulas Classes de música piano em Português e Español, Klavierunterricht



Doctoral Dissertation: “Selections from Almeida Prado’s Jardim Sonoro: A Critical Edition for Pianists and Teachers” (link)

The application of findings in neuroscience into learning and performing music


Adult Learning


Physiological and Psychological aspects of learning and performing


Prevention of injuries in musicians


Teaching rhythm


Unknown teaching piano repertoire


Music and social history


research interest