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Luciana Carina Joly  Dr. Joly  is a pianist teaching piano lessons in Zurich Zürich. She is a specialist in music physiology musikphysiologie and gives workshops on body posture analysis. She also teaches music theory private, plays chamber music, accompanying, new music, music lessons. She can help musicians and pianists with hand injuries and hand pain. Music Piano lessons in English, Aulas Classes de música piano em Português e Español, Klavierunterricht


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Mar   2016

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APRESENTAÇÕES  (Workshops, Piano Masterclasses, Painéis, Palestras)

Instrutora Convidada na  Conferência Performing Arts Medicine Association/University of South Florida

Instrutora Convidada no Encontro Regional da Performing Arts Medicine Association, Toronto, Ontario

Workshop e Apresentação de Trabalho, 2a. Conferência Nórdica da Saúde do Músico, Odense, Dinamarca

3-Day Workshop (4.5 hours), X Conferência Regional Latinoamericana ISME, Lima, Peru

Professora Convidada, Piano Pedagogy Symposium, University of South Florida (Tampa)

Guest Speaker at the Polish Replication of USF’s II Piano Pedagogy Symposium, Warsaw, Poland

Workshop for Pianists at the Frederic Chopin Music Academy, Warsaw, Poland

Workshops at Brazilian Universities (locations TBA)

Guest Speaker and Workshop at the 2nd Silk Road Conference, Bolu, Turkey

Workshop at Performing Arts Medicine Association International Symposium, New York, USA

Musicians’ Health and Wellness Special Interest Group, ISME 32nd World Conference, Glasgow, Scotland

Cronograma dos Workshops