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Luciana Carina Joly  Dr. Joly  is a pianist teaching piano lessons in Zurich Zürich. She is a specialist in music physiology musikphysiologie and gives workshops on body posture analysis. She also teaches music theory private, plays chamber music, accompanying, new music, music lessons. She can help musicians and pianists with hand injuries and hand pain. Music Piano lessons in English, Aulas Classes de música piano em Português e Español, Klavierunterricht


Get in touch if you are looking for a pianist to play with you or with your ensemble.


I collaborated with a variety of ensemble types, including piano trios and quartets, eclectic ensembles (20th century repertoire), duets (with flute, violin, French horn, clarinet and bassoon), and I accompanied soloist singers as well as choirs.


I am the type of pianist who likes to prepare my ensemble pieces with the same dedication and care I prepare my solo pieces. I apply this principle also to pieces which do not give to the piano the major role.

Chamber Music/Accompanying